Man who fabricated LOVE sculpture in Portsmouth accused of fatally shooting woman

Posted at 5:14 AM, Feb 28, 2022

PORTSMOUTH, Va - Portsmouth Police are investigating a fatal shooting.

Police tweeted about the incident and said it happened in the 100 block of Florida Ave.

A woman was found in a vehicle with a fatal gunshot wound, according to police.

Officers also located 71-year-old Irving B. Wolff. He was arrested and charged with Second Degree Murder, Use of a Firearm, Shooting in Commission of a Felony and Reckless Handling of a Firearm.

Wolff has been released from jail on a $25,000 bond and on Tuesday News 3 was able to confirm that he fabricated one of the LOVE sculptures found in Portsmouth.

Court documents also state that Wolff told detectives that he shot the woman. Neighbors also said they heard knocking sounds before hearing gunshots.

After a search warrant was issued, a .380 caliber firearm was found as well as two spent shell casings, court documents said.

Documents also detailed the events that night saying that Wolff claimed the woman asked him to take her to get money to purchase narcotics and when he said no she allegedly pushed him and was "grabbing him around the neck."

Wolff said after being attacked again he shot her.

"I’m pretty surprised to hear there was a crime so close to home," one resident who lives on Florida Avenue said.

The resident tells News 3 that it’s shocking to hear a homicide happened in what he considers a quiet area.

"The neighbors are very well-rooted here. These neighbors have been here for 35 years. There’s quit a few neighbors who’ve been here for a couple of decades. Most of us know each other; we say, 'Hi,' and, 'Bye,'" the resident said.