Woman starts bite-sized meals company in mother’s honor

Woman starts bite-sized meals company in mother’s honor
Posted at 11:06 AM, Jul 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-09 11:06:23-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- For 40 years, Bertha Famble worked as a nurse and caregiver in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Her daughter, Gwendolyn Fox, said the mother of eight spent her time in and outside of work being a caregiver for the community.

When her mother was diagnosed with dementia in 2005, Fox began taking care of her.

"I was the only one that had to go be a volunteer at her hospital, but it may be because she knew that one day I'd be taking care of her," Fox said.

She said despite her love for food, as time went on, her mother's urgency to eat became less and less.

"I noticed a couple of days, I said, she's not touching her food. She picked the spoon up and thought it was the telephone," said Fox.

When she tried feeding her mother, she'd reject the help and respond "What are you doing?"

Heartbroken watching her mother's condition decline, she became determined to find a way to get her mother to enjoy food again.

"That next day, I went and got a biscuit. And I had taken some of the flakes out of it. And I had mashed potato, Greenpeace and baked chicken. And I put it in a biscuit," Fox explained. "Lo and behold, pick that biscuit up. And she started eating while she was watching my swagger."

She began making them for her friends, family and others she knew might need help with eating their meals.

She realized these bite-sized blessings had the potential to make a difference in the lives of so many.

While taking care of her mother, Fox also cared for her sister.

"With her having multiple sclerosis, she was able to pop the whole product in her mouth," said Fox.

Following her mother's death, Fox started the company Ezbites in her honor. She says the healthy bite-sized meals serve as an alternative to those that show a decline in cognitive functions.

"It's very healthy, my mom was able to come off the glipizide and metformin. And she was able to feed herself," she said. "She was more active. Dignity has stepped in, had taken over, you know, it had taken over that disease."

Ezbites will officially launch in November, for more information on options and ingredients you can visit their website.