York County Department of Fire and Life Safety personnel test positive for COVID-19

Posted at 8:06 PM, Jul 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-09 20:19:06-04

YORK Co., Va. - Personnel with the York County Department of Fire and Life Safety have tested positive for COVID-19, the department confirmed Thursday.

The department said the diagnoses are "accurate and not unexpected" given that COVID-19 cases have become prevalent in Hampton Roads and that fire and EMS personnel have the potential to be exposed through both their profession as well as through normal community exposure.

With direct consultation from the Virginia Department of Health, the department is taking the necessary precautions, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and quarantine/isolation efforts. This is also part of the department's normal practice.

The York County Department of Fire and Life Safety says it is continuing to follow all appropriate recommended procedures while responding to emergencies, interacting with the public and working in the fire stations. It also noted that it is taking pro-active steps to conduct extra testing of department members.

Routine sanitization of all vehicles and equipment will continue as it has since the beginning of the pandemic.

While this has affected some members of the department, officials are assuring citizens that their services to the community have not been impacted.

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