Youngkin selects former head of EPA as next Sec. of Natural Resources

Glenn Youngkin
Posted at 3:33 PM, Jan 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-05 15:33:19-05

RICHMOND, Va. - Glenn Youngkin has announced his selection for the next Secretary of Natural Resources and the Director of Environmental Quality.

Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin has named Andrew Wheeler as the next Secretary of Natural Resources and Michael Rolband as the next Director of Environmental Quality.

Wheeler previously served as head of the EPA during the Trump administration.

Rolband founded Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. (WSSI) to assist economic developers in navigating the Clean Water Act, Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act, and local environmental regulations. He also previously taught at Cornell University on wetlands and stream restoration.

Youngkin announced his selection Wednesday stating that Virginia needs a diverse energy portfolio in place. He says both Wheeler and Rolband share his vision in "finding new ways to innovate and use our natural resources to provide Virginia with a stable, dependable, and growing power supply that will meet Virginia’s power demands without passing the costs on to the consumer.”

“Together, we will address Virginia’s ongoing environmental, energy, and natural resources challenges, including protecting the Chesapeake Bay, fully funding our best management practices, solving longstanding stormwater management issues, and establishing a Coastal Virginia Resiliency Authority. Finally, David Paylor should be commended for his decades of service to DEQ. He has been an invaluable public servant, and I wish him well in his next adventures. I’m sure he will continue to make significant contributions to the Commonwealth," Youngkin said.

Youngkin takes office on January 15, which is Inauguration Day.