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Need help taking your next perfect, stunning selfies? Virginia Beach's Selfie WRLD can help

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Posted at 4:08 AM, Feb 04, 2021

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Selfie lovers rejoice because Selfie WRLD VB may be your new favorite selfie spot.

"What Selfie WRLD is, is getting the perfect picture for either social media, for your family pics - pretty much any occasion we can cover,” Ben Hyser, the owner of Selfie WRLD VB, told News 3.

Hyser opened Selfie WRLD VB last week, the fourth location in the United States, joining locations in Florida, Iowa and South Dakota. He said he opened the Virginia Beach location because he liked the concept of the business.

"It's been crazy,” Hyser said. “I didn't think it was going to blow up the way that it has, straight out of the gate."

Not even the coronavirus pandemic can stop people from taking selfies. In fact, Hyser said now was a great time to open.

"Our booths are eight-by-eight, so when you're inside one of the booths, you're properly social distancing,” Hyser explained. “We also have employees that run around and wipe down and keep everything nice and clean for you while you're here."

There are a total of 15 booths, plus three backdrops; each is a different setting for different selfies. One booth is in the style of a diner that has a table with food props. Another booth has four models of rotary phones where someone can press the buttons and pretend to make a phone call.

"We have tons of different custom furniture, custom neon signs - all different things to give you unique scenes that you won't find out-and-about,” Hyser said.

Each booth and backdrop has a circular selfie light with a cellphone holder. Users can place their phone on the holder and swivel it for the perfect angle.

Visitors can also ask for a clicker that connects to their phones through Bluetooth. Pressing the clicker will take the picture when the phone is in camera mode.

Selfie WRLD VB also does parties and an array of other features.

"We do music videos, we've had product shoots for local businesses,” Hyser said, “just about anything that you can imagine."

The booths are planned to change every few months, and Hyser said he is looking for local artists to help design new ones.

Overall, the reception over Selfie WRLD has been a positive one, Hyser said.

"Some people think it's like a vain thing,” Hyser said, “but I've seen people come in and leave with a smile on their face, which is good enough for me."

Selfie WRLD VB is located at 2720 North Mall Drive in Virginia Beach, just off of Lynnhaven Parkway and north of the Lynnhaven Mall.

Admission for adults is $20, and children get in for $15 for an hour of unlimited selfies. The business urges people to register online ahead of time to secure the best time to take selfies.

Tickets and more information on Seflie WLRD can be found on the Seflie WRLD VB website. Visitors can also call Selfie WLRD at (757) 937-8177.