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We're Open: Amura Sushi Cafe in Virginia Beach

Posted at 2:47 PM, Jun 22, 2020

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - "We do fresh, quality fish. Our sushi is simple, delicious and healthy," said Uni Kim, co-owner of Amura Sushi Cafe in Virginia Beach.

Simple but satisfying sushi. Uni and Peter Kim are finally rolling out at Amura Sushi Cafe after a six-month delay.

"We signed the lease in February, and as soon as we signed the lease, we started working in the interior and coronavirus started," said Uni.

The Kims, who owned a successful 24-hour sushi restaurant in Austin, Texas, left everything they knew to start fresh, yearning to bring their culinary creations to Virginia Beach.

"We were very nervous and worried about it. Everything is new in here," she said.

The Kims barely stayed afloat on their savings, shelling out $7,000 a month to look at an empty restaurant.

"[We had] no income, but we had rent and utilities and payment of cars," said Uni.

Finally, on June 5, Amura Sushi Cafe started slowly welcoming in guests.

"First day of grand opening, we were really busy and the next day it was 24% of first day and the next day, same thing," said Uni. "It's been slow, but we know it will pick up."

The Kims are excited to plate up food to the Shore Drive area - from the heart, along with a heaping side of hospitality.

"When we prepare food, I am making for my family, not for selling. I want customers to be comfortable and enjoy time," said Uni.

After all, their restaurant name, "Amura," says it all.

"Whenever customers have time in my restaurant I hope they feel love because 'Amura' means love," she said.

Amura is located at 4801 Shore Drive #A-3.

Check out Amura's Sushi Menu and website here.

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