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Act 3 Podcast: 93rd Academy Awards and Oscars Game Results

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Posted at 2:32 PM, Apr 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-26 14:32:07-04

It's the day after the Oscars and Steven and Chandler have convened to talk about a show that looked and felt much different than the standard Oscars broadcast. They're breaking down the ceremony, the highlights and lowlights, plus the big winners and the biggest snubs. Plus, we've got the results of our 3rd annual Oscars game. You can see where you ranked if you played along at home. If that's not enough they were even able to sneak in a few news stories from the past week. That's all in this very special episode of Act 3!

Time Codes:

-04:15- Steven and Chandler break down the Oscars! The ceremony, the style, surprises, and disappointments

-39:50- The results of the Third Annual Act 3 Oscar Predictions Game!

-55:30- Breaking down some miscellaneous news stories from the past week