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Act 3 Podcast: "The Lion King" Sequel, Jamie Foxx is still Electro, and "The Trip"

Posted at 12:33 PM, Oct 05, 2020

The Act 3 Podcast is your weekly Hollywood news round-up, and this week there's no shortage of headlines!

First up, Disney has hired Academy Award-winner Barry Jenkins ("Moonlight") to direct the sequel to 2019's "The Lion King". How could this affect Jenkins' career going forward, and what might this sequel be about?

Plus, Jamie Foxx is returning as villain Electro in the next Spider-Man film. The Spidey franchise has a long and complicated history, and this news could mean big things for Disney and Sony Pictures! In the third act of this week's show, Steven and Chandler dive into "The Trip", a British improv-comedy that causes quite the rift between our hosts. Is it a hidden gem, or vastly overrated? Can Chandler's impressions of famous Brits hold a candle to those featured in the film? All that and much more in this week's podcast!

Time Codes:

Act One: News
-01:40- Oscar-Winning Director Barry Jenkins to helm "The Lion King" sequel
-07:30- "Borat" sequel is already complete, and coming soon-10:35- Robert Zemeckis film "The Witches" now coming to HBO Max this month-13:20 - Jamie Foxx to return as Electro in upcoming Spider-Man sequel

Act Two: What We're Watching
-22:00- Chandler: "Girls" on HBO
-25:30- Steven: "Sherlock" and "Enola Holmes"

Act Three: Featured Topic
-33:10 - Looking back at "The Trip", streaming on Hulu