Porch pirates steal Newport News woman's dialysis medication for 2 months straight

Newport News porch pirate.png
Posted at 5:30 PM, Dec 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-07 18:32:56-05

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — A Newport News woman has been victimized by porch pirates over and over again, but she is not giving up. She wants the people who stole her dialysis medication to pay for their crimes.

According to police, porch pirates have stolen 15 packages of Octavia Prunty's dialysis medication since October - but at first, she didn't know it has been stolen from her front door.

With the holidays here, she said she just thought it was a delay with her packages until Newport News Police knocked on her door, giving her tampered boxes that belonged to her.

"I have 12 medications that I take twice a day, and I have to take them every day without fail. Five of these is what were stolen from me and it delayed my care, o I had to get those re-delivered. I did get sick because I didn't have them," Prunty said.

Prunty said all she could think about was her 8-year-old son, who has autism, because he couldn't understand why she was so sick. She told us she knows porch pirates are not going away, which led her to invest in her own home surveillance Ring camera, along with requiring a signature for her packages now for future deliveries.

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