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Evelyn's Wildlife Refuge needs your help! Organization asking for donations for animals in need

Wildlife in need needs support
Bucky the Bobcat at Evelyn's Wildlife Rescue
Posted at 11:31 PM, Jun 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-02 09:06:57-04

HAMPTON ROADS — A local wildlife sanctuary needs your help to save some local critters.

Evelyn’s Wildlife Refuge is reaching out to the community.

The refuge is a volunteer and donation-based animal rescue.

And right now, they’re in desperate need of supplies and say they can’t do it alone.

Evelyn’s Wildlife Refuge is a non-profit organization that has been operating for almost three decades.

They currently have between 250-300 animals in their care, including muskrats, fawns, groundhogs, bats, fox kits, more than 100 baby raccoons and even a baby bobcat.

And with this many animals, a lot is required of their more than 40 volunteer rehabbers - from housing, to feeding, to cleaning.

They’re in dire need of donations right now for paper towels, bleach, disinfecting wipes and other cleaning supplies, along with fresh fruits and veggies, eggs and more.

And if you have them, they’ll take old blankets and towels, too.

We spoke to the president, Meredith Broadhurst, during the animals’ lunch hour, and she said it’s very expensive to take care of all of them, especially with inflation, and that they wouldn’t be able to save as many lives without the help they get from all their supporters.

“None of the rehabbers or the organization gets any government funding. So, pretty much we rely on the generosity of the public for us to be able to help the animals. And it doesn't have to be monetary,” said Broadhurst, president of Evelyn’s Wildlife Refuge.

“Supplies are amazing to have because then we don't have to do the extra step of going to get it or buy it. It's pretty much whatever the generosity of the public is helps us take in more animals.”

If you’d like to donate, you can purchase items right off their Amazon wishlist, make monetary donations through Paypal or even drop off items at the following locations:

  • Suffolk - 5281 Deer Path Road
  • Norfolk - Tubbs Used Auto Parts at 2215 E. Indian River Road