Virginia Employment Commission: Some part-time workers may be eligible for unemployment checks

Posted at 4:37 PM, May 06, 2020

As Virginia's economy and workers rebound from the coronavirus pandemic, with many who were unemployed finding new jobs or being offered their old ones, people are left with questions regarding unemployment payments.

One question involves full-time workers who were laid off from their jobs, then offered to be re-hired in a part-time position - how would that impact your unemployment check?

News 3 anchor Blaine Stewart called the Virginia Employment Commission, who said it depends on the amount of money you're earning.

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"I'll just give you an example," said a spokesperson with the commission. "Say a worker qualified for $350 a week for unemployment benefits. Say she went back to work part-time and she was earning maybe $150. Well, the first $50 you earn is exempt. So, $100 would be subtracted from her $350. She would get $250 in regular unemployment and then the $600 for the federal."

According to the Virginia Employment Commission, if the worker didn't accept the part-time offer, that doesn't necessarily mean they'd lose their state benefits - but it is possible depending on what case workers decide.

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