Alan Faneca visits Pro Football HOF for first time since being named to 2021 class

Alan Faneca Pro Football Hall of Fame
Posted at 2:16 AM, Apr 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-08 02:16:40-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - For the first time since being named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame's 2021 class, Alan Faneca, who won a Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers, paid a visit to the museum.

Although, it wasn't the 9-time Pro Bowl selection's first trip to Canton. During his rookies season, he played in the Hall of Fame Game and briefly explored the Hall of Fame.

"It was always a goal, a long-distance goal, but I had several goals before that I had to attain and I was working toward," Faneca said about whether his rookie self believed he'd one day earn a bust in Canton. "It was always something off in the distance that, you know, shoot for the stars and see where you land and I landed in the stars. It's pretty amazing."

During Faneca's visit, Pro Football Hall of Fame president David Baker shared that the museum will be guarding his legacy for thousands of years, sharing the story of not only Fancea the football player, but Faneca the person.

"It’s overwhelming to hear that and try to understand," Faneca said about his legacy. "The fact that my grandkids’ grandkids are gonna be able to walk in there and look at my ugly mug up there on the wall with the rest of the guys, that's amazing.

"To know that they’re gonna protect my history and story of life, and to carry it forward and try to inspire others with it, it leaves you speechless."

When asked what Faneca hopes his legacy will be, he said, "A guy that worked hard and went out there every day and gave it his best, and look what he was able to accomplish."