#BadLuckChuck: 'Jinxed' Chiefs fan leaves game with his team losing, 24-0, team goes on to win 51-31

Posted at 10:58 AM, Jan 13, 2020

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs fan Charles Penn is proof that not all heroes wear capes. Some just have to walk away to save a kingdom.

When his Chiefs fell behind the Houston Texans, 24 - 0, in the first quarter of the AFC Divisional matchup on Saturday, Penn took to Twitter, admitting to being a jinx.

He decided to leave Arrowhead Stadium, despite paying more than $200 for his ticket.

Penn thought it was best to leave and give up his seats for a greater cause — and he might have been right. The Chiefs' fortune began to change for the better as soon as Penn got home.

"Then I got into the house, I see Darwin Thompson recovered a fumble," Penn said. "I said, 'Man, what the heck. I knew that was going to happen.'"

In one of the most remarkable stretches in the history of the NFL Playoffs, the Chiefs scored three touchdowns in just over three minutes to climb back into the game.

By halftime, the Chiefs led 28-24, and they continued to pour it on in the second half. In all, the Chiefs scored 41 unanswered points and went on to win 51-31.

All the while, Penn's video began gaining traction online. Twitter users quickly dubbed Penn "Bad Luck Chuck."

Reporters even asked Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes about the "Bad Luck Chuck" jinx.

"Watch the next game from home," Mahomes said jokingly.

Mahomes even responded to Penn on Twitter, thanking him for leaving when the Chiefs fell behind.

Did Mahomes' message get through to "Bad Luck Chuck?" Will he show up to the AFC Championship, when the Chiefs host the Tennessee Titans for a chance to win a trip to the Super Bowl?

"No, I'm sticking to my word," Penn said. "I'm gonna stay out of it."

This story was originally published by Kevin Holmes on KSHB in Kansas City.