College football season in jeopardy

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Posted at 2:39 AM, Aug 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-10 02:39:15-04

NORFOLK, Va. - Over the weekend the Mid-American Conference became the first FBS conference to postpone the fall football season until spring. It's a move that affects a handful of players from Hampton Roads.

That group includes Lake Taylor High School product J.T. Wahee, a former standout defensive back at Norfolk State who's currently a safety at Ball State. Norview High School alums Isaiah King and Kevin Marks Jr. are feeling the impact of the MAC's decision at the University of Buffalo.

The postponement of these players' season comes down to player safety, something their conference feels is in jeopardy as the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause concern.

"This decision is grounded in the core values that the conference prioritize student athlete well-being," MAC president Dr. Jon Steinbrecher said. "Clearly we are charting a conservative path and it is one that has been recommended by our medical advisory group. There are simply too many unknowns for us to put our student athletes in situations that are not clearly understood."

It's a decision that could quickly have a snowball effect in the coming days.

CBS Sports shared that two Power 5 athletic directors feel the "cancellation of the 2020 college football season this fall is unavoidable" after the MAC announced its posponement.

On Sunday, ESPN reported that commissioners of the Power 5 conferences held an emergency meeting, discussing growing concerns that the fall sports season can't happen because of the pandemic.

The play clock is ticking, and it appears likely that a delay of game will happen to this fall's college football season.