Jonathan Allen's family watches him succeed in his own backyard

Allen family
Posted at 9:34 PM, Jul 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-28 21:34:40-04

ASHBURN, VA (WTKR)- Every young football player dreams of suiting up in the NFL. Commanders' defensive lineman Jonathan Allen did a lot of his dreaming at Washington's headquarters during his high school days.

Allen attended Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn and would attend then-Redskins practices with his father, Richard. The two would watch the pros and discuss the possibility of Jonathan playing on the field.

"When he was just starting his sophomore year of high school, we sat on this same field looking at potential players," Richard recalled. "We were fantasizing, 'man, wouldn't it be great if you could be there one day?'"

Fast forward, and Richard still comes out to camp. Jonathan is there, too, but in a different capacity. His dream came true.

"This is the climax of years of hard work and labor to reach the pinnacle of success and that's playing in the NFL, so it's been a great journey," smiled his father.

"I tape every game, but I go to every game, too, and then as soon as I get home I watch every game," added Allen's uncle, Spencer. "It's unreal. I just love it. I love it every day."

Spencer resides in Hampton Roads, living in Newport News, but makes plenty of trips to watch his nephew take the field. He's enjoyed having a front row seat for Jonathan's journey from pee wee to the top of the game.

"It's a dream come true for us, following his career, how hard he plays, all the accolades he's achieved throughout the years," Spencer said. "Just a great kid."

The Allen family will be the first to tell you that Jonathan's goals go well beyond just making it to the NFL. He wants to be one of the best to ever play the game.

"Sometimes playing team ball is good for the team to win, but it doesn't make you the best at your position," Richard explained. "You might have to be a little bit more selfish sometimes to reach the pinnacle of success."

"When he comes off the field, you know he gave it his all," noted Spencer. "After the game he'll come up to the suite and he'll be exhausted, but you know he gave it his all."

Allen has plenty of goals he wants to reach and if he can bring some of them to fruition, Commanders fans will be a happy group as well.

"He's still working to achieve those goals," Richard pointed out. "One, become a Super Bowl winner. Two, he would love to be in the Hall of Fame, so he's still working hard to make those goals happen."