Little League World Series hero Davis finds normalcy with Hampton softball

Mo'ne Davis
Posted at 12:02 AM, Feb 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-26 00:02:15-05

HAMPTON, VA (WTKR)- Mo'ne Davis hopes to get few things out of her experience at Hampton University. A great softball experience, an education and lifelong memories are among the list.

She already has some experience with that last one. Back in 2014, a then-13 year old Davis captured the Little League World Series by storm, becoming the first girl in the storied event to ever get a win on the pitcher's mound, as well as to record a shutout. Her rocket arm rocketed her into fame.

"My parents, coaches, they've just done a phenomenal job of allowing me to be a teenager, making sure that I did things that I wanted to do, enjoy my teenage years," Davis recalled. "It's been cool. It's been a good ride."

Fast forward, and a 20-year old Davis has seen some changes. From little league to college, from baseball to softball, from the mound to the infield, patrolling shortstop for the Pirates.

"She just brings her genuine self," said Hampton head softball coach Monique White. "She's a fun person to be around, super hard-working, super personable, so she just comes and works hard everyday."

"Being able to anticipate what's coming next, always being on your toes, just seeing the ball coming to you, that's really it," Davis says of adjusting from baseball to softball. "I feel like it's just a lot faster than baseball. It goes by a lot quicker."

Davis says she chose Hampton because she wants to play with girls who look like her and who come from similar backgrounds. She's adjusting well to college life and the life of a college athlete and notes that the fame of her past helps her prepare during the present.

"It's helped me stay focused, blocking out the outside noise, making sure that I'm focused on what I need to do, helping my teammates to win," she said. "No matter what I need to do, I make sure that I get it done and just being locked in at all times."

At some point the dust will settle on her career and there won't be anymore swings at the plate or throws in the field. Davis, however, plans to stay right in the thick of sports. As a journalism major, her goal is to stay close to the game.

"I want to get into some broadcasting," Davis said of her future. "I'm not sure what sports, but just want to dive into it and have a long career in it."

Davis is currently fourth on the Hampton team with a .321 batting average and has started all 10 games.