Redskins cheerleader Jordyn Cristaudo becomes published author

Posted at 7:21 PM, Jun 22, 2020

NORFOLK, Va. - Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a Washington Redskins cheerleader named Jordyn whose goal was to create a book that inspires young girls.

So she did.

"One of my favorite sayings is 'She believed she could so she did.' That's the whole theme of the book," 'So She Did' author Jordyn Cristaudo said. "In life whatever you want to do, whatever you want to be, you can."

Jordyn teamed up with an illustrator who helped bring her vision to life.

The pages of her book are filled with women in all sorts of professions, including two of her Washington Redskins teammates: Jackie, who's travelled the world, and Candess, who's a software engineer.

"I don’t think people realize that cheerleading is something we do part time and then outside of the studio we all have careers and some of us are in school, so we have these very busy lives outside of being a WRC," Cristaudo said. "We’re successful in the studio and then we’re also successful in our careers and our personal lives too."

Jordyn's success in the studio is something people doubted when she was younger. When she shared her dream of becoming a Redskins cheerleader people would, "laugh a little, make me feel silly for having that dream," Cristaudo said. "I made it happen."

"Through my experience being a First Lady of Football I really learned that I can do anything I want in life as long as I believe in myself and work hard."

So she did.