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Esprit Decor Student-Athlete of the Week: Jean-Claude Bile

Jean-Claude Bile
Posted at 6:12 PM, Nov 19, 2021

SUFFOLK, VA (WTKR)- You might get tired just hearing about a normal day for King's Fork senior Jean-Claude Bile.

A worker both on and off whatever athletic field he might be shining on, Bile's day begins around 5:00 AM with a workout. After school he heads to football practice before continuing onto soccer practice with his club team, Beach FC. Upon returning home, it's time to hammer out his school work before turning in around 11:00 PM.

Jean-Claude has been a soccer player since he was very young, falling it love with it shortly after playing. Now a senior at King's Fork, he plays for his father, Michel, who is the Bulldogs' head coach.

"Sometimes being a dad and a coach is one of the most difficult things to do, but he's a very good student in terms of he pushes himself," the elder Bile said.

"I started playing when I was 3-years old," Jean-Claude said. "My family introduced me to it and I just love the atmosphere when I'm on the ball, how I can make guys smile and make everybody laugh and everything, play, it's just fun to me."

His opponents might disagree. The senior forward says he averages about two goals per game playing between the Bulldogs and Beach FC. Also in Jean-Claude's bag of tricks, however, is American football. He's the kicker for the King's Fork's Region 4A top seeded football team.

"Everybody would tell me while I was playing soccer that I have a good powerful leg and I could be a good kicker," he recalled. "In seventh grade I went out for the middle school team and was kicking there."

"We went over to the middle school and he was hitting 40-yarders over there on their field," remembered King's Fork head football coach Anthony Joffrion. "That's when we knew we can't wait for you to get old enough to come kick for us."

Observing Jean-Claude in practice was impressive this week, as he booted a handful of 60-yard field goals while warming up. What's even more impressive may be the work he puts in away from practice. The senior helps line the football and soccer fields, volunteers for Meals on Wheels, cuts grass and is a dependable student when things need to get done.

Above all else, Jean-Claude Bile provides the coaching staff and teachers at King's Fork with an example to point to for younger students who are coming up behind him.

"He's the perfect example for our young guys," Joffrion said. "This is how you handle yourself in the classroom, this is how you handle yourself, even on the field."

"Just give your best every day and just keep working hard," Jean-Claude added. "It'll pay off."

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