The Players Alliance, Pull Up Neighbor provide support to Hampton community

Posted at 12:57 AM, Dec 07, 2020

HAMPTON, Va. - The Players Alliance has teamed up with Pull Up Neighbor to support communities of color all across the country, and their latest stop was Darling Stadium in Hampton, Virginia.

The organization is investing one millions dollars to provide Black communities with resources they need, like food, aid, comforts, and of course, access to equipment and spaces to play baseball.

"We’re partnering with the food bank, we're handing out food, we have COVID resources, hand sanitizer, we have t-shirts, face masks, just different things that can uplift the community," Pull Up Neighbor founder Anthony Holt said. "Give them resources they need and some fun stuff to uplift the community."

"It’s so important. Not only do people need these things, some people can’t get these things on their own. It’s times where we’ve got to band together right now. It's tough and it’s gonna get tougher for the next few months, but it’s important that we all come together."

Hampton Parks and Recreation, and the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank, helped to put on Sunday's event.

"We do about 25 of these mobile pantries every single month, so we always like to to partner with organizations where they have a good mission and they need help to accomplish that mission," Virginia Peninsula Foodbank chief executive officer Karen Joyner said. "One of [The Players Alliance's] missions is to help communities of color who might need food assistance because their food insecurity rates are higher than other communities.

"Once they contacted us last week and told us what they were doing we said we will be there with you and we’ll bring food out to help anybody who’s coming through the line."

In addition to the one million dollars The Players Alliance is reinvesting in the Black community, Major League Baseball is matching the Alliance’s investment with a donation of an additional $1 million worth of supplies and baseball equipment.