Washington fans react to team's new name, Commanders

Washington Commanders team store.png
Posted at 11:36 PM, Feb 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-02 23:36:25-05

LANDOVER, Md. - On Wednesday morning, the Washington Football Team officially announced 'Commanders' as their new name.

The team opened its store to fans, giving them a first look at the new Commanders merchandise. While fans are ready to get behind the new moniker, that doesn't necessarily mean they're fans of the new branding, and there are plenty of mixed emotions.

“I actually love the name," Commanders fan Buckey Davis said. "At first I was kind of skeptical. I did like the Washington Football Team,but I think the Commanders really represents what we are in D.C.”

“I think it’s random and I don’t really like it,” Commanders fan Ed Bellafiore said. "I guess I'll get used to it."

"I really like the logo design," Davis added. "This is a big deal. I actually took off work just to come and be a part of this."

"I think the logo’s okay," Bellafiore said. "I don't know if it's the best. I actually kind of like the 'W' for Washington Football Team a little better, but again, I'll get used to it. They're my team and I love them."

Love the branding, or hate it, there is one thing that all fans can agree on and that's the importance of remaining Burgundy and Gold.

"Once they announced that they weren't gonna change the color scheme, we coulda been called the 'Washington Pixie Sticks,' I didn't care," Commanders fan Stephen Boyd said. "It didn't matter, because we rep Burgundy and Gold until the day we're dead and cold."

"I think the colors really are the foundation," Joe Theismann, Washington Redskins quarterback from 1974-85, said. "The great pyramids weren't built on their point. They were built on a foundation. Well, going forward for us, the foundation is our colors"