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Military Appreciation Day at Washington training camp

Washington Training Camp Military Appreciation Day
Posted at 2:03 PM, Jul 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-30 15:38:06-04

RICHMOND, Va. - On Thursday, it was military appreciation day at Washington Football Team training camp. Members of the US Army who recently graduated from basic training were treated to sideline access, an up close and personal view of practice as well as meet and greets with legendary Washington alumni and Head Coach Ron Rivera.

"This is signed by head coach Ron Rivera. I previously knew him from the Carolina Panthers and he's just a great football coach. I think they're a great football team and the defensive line is going to do fantastic things this season. We got Chase Young from Ohio State. I'm just ready to see him play." two service members shared as they showed off their signed footballs.

For some service members this was their first exposure to live football... and for others their first experience with American football.

Aloha Messan is originally from Togo and says he doesn't know much about football, but appreciated the opportunity to be at camp.

"So I like soccer more than American football. I came from Togo, I used to play soccer very much. It's my first time to see them on the field like this and to see American players. It's my first time."

News 3 scoured the room of almost 200 active military members looking for just one Washington Football fan excited to be at camp.. and we didn't find one, so instead we talked to the next closest thing.

"Go Dallas" Demetrius Blakley adamantly stated as he looked out the window over the practice field.

Demetrius says he wont send all of the organization's secrets back to Texas.

"I wont do ya'll like that, but we're gonna get the win this year. The atmosphere is nice here. It's cool. Like I said I've never been to something like this so the experience itself is wonderful. "

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