Virginia Beach Police search for vandals who damaged businesses at the Oceanfront Sunday

Posted at 9:04 PM, Jun 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-03 23:37:07-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Right now, Virginia Beach Police continue to look for the people who vandalized stores at the Oceanfront during a protest Sunday night.

The vast majority of protesters around the region have been peaceful, but there are a handful out to take advantage of the situation.

Video released from the police department shows people looting and being violent Sunday night.

They say they are searching for those responsible who were caught on camera.

Interim Virginia Beach Police Chief Tony Zucaro addressed the city council Tuesday.

He stressed that most people there to protest were peaceful.

He shared the video of the incidents and said while five police cars and 50 stores were damaged and an officer was hit with a cinder block, overall there were no catastrophic problems.

One witness told News 3 some of the vandals were seen hiding under Rudee Bridge and weren't even with the protesters.

Councilman Aaron Rouse spoke out after the police briefing.

“When you acknowledge the damage that’s been done to our local businesses - that’s been horrible, especially to our local businesses and small business owners who are trying to survive in this economic downturn with COVID. When you acknowledge that, make sure you acknowledge the reason why people are protesting. Acknowledge the pain African-Americans are going through right now,” said Rouse.

He said the looters don’t stand for what he and others are protesting about.

“The Black Lives Matter people that I was protesting with were peaceful protesters. We have groups at work to discredit Black Lives Matter,” said Rouse. “No one has the right to loot, vandalize or destroy property, so our police will respond in the appropriate manner, but where is the acknowledgment and the pain that African-Americans are feeling - not just in the city, but in the state and throughout this country?"

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