Phone call gives police new hope about finding baby David

Posted at 2:23 PM, Jan 09, 2012

For 31 years, Frederick Blockett has dreamed about the day a mystery woman stole him and his 15-day-old brother from their Newport News home.

“Why, why did this happen? Why did yall take him? What was the point? I don`t understand it,” says Frederick.

Now detectives say that a phone call made to Vanessa, David’s mother, is giving them a better idea of what happened.

They believe the phone call was from a mystery woman who tricked Vanessa into giving her the boys. She dropped Frederick off in Hampton and kept baby David.

That same day as Vanessa waited at her home with police, a woman called.

She asked Vanessa what type of formula David was on.

And just as authorities were about to trace the call to Vanessa’s Newport News home, the woman hung up. Although they were not able to pinpoint the woman's location, it fits into the theory that she wanted to raise baby David as her own.

Newport News detective Amber Rogers was assigned to David's case after NewsChannel 3 started digging last year.

She says the phone call is a big clue.


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“Making the phone call like that, you know, caring about what he was eating, I don’t believe she had any intent to harm him. I think he's alive,” says Rodgers.

Detectives also believe the abductor left a diaper bag filled with David's clothes on Colonial Parkway that day.

They’re being tested now for any traces of DNA evidence.

If or when David is found, his mother won't be there to embrace him.

She died of an aneurism years ago.

But since we started our search for David, Frederick believes he'll be embracing his baby brother someday soon.

"I`d run up to him and give him a big hug, you know, and I’d tell him that I love him and I’m glad to see him home,” says a hopeful Frederick.