Report: IRS agents raid Mo’ Money home office

Posted at 11:45 AM, Apr 25, 2012
and last updated 2012-04-25 19:05:28-04

Report, WREG - (Memphis) Agents from the IRS Criminal Investigation Division are searching the home offices of Mo’ Money Taxes and MoneyCo USA.

Several agents were seen coming in and out of the building at 5090 S. Millbranch near Holmes Rd. this morning.

Hundreds of Mo’ Money customers in several states complained of problems receiving their tax refunds from the company earlier this year.

Mo’ Money’s owners blamed processing problems for the delays.

The trouble lead to the closures of several Mo’ Money branches across the country.

"What took them so long?" said Norfolk Mo' Money customer Angela Easter.  "I'm pleased, finally."

Easter is one of dozens of disgruntled Hampton Roads Mo' Money customers.  She filed taxes with the company in January but did not receive her refund until several weeks after the date Mo' Money promised her.  Still, she said there were problems with her refund.

"They took over $720 in fees, which my original fee, I was told, was only going to be $140," said Easter.  "Then they made claims that I didn't claim, fraudulent claims that I didn't make.  So I had to end up paying the IRS back $2,000."

Illinois and Missouri Attorneys General are suing the company.  Virginia congressional leaders have called for investigations into the company.

Norfolk police shut down local Mo' Money locations in February.  Authorities with the police department told NewsChannel 3 they looked through all of the documents they seized from the now closed Mo' Money locations.  They said they did not find anything they had power to prosecute, so they turned over their findings to the IRS.

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