Victim in Portsmouth teacher sex crime also at center of administrator’s arrest

Posted at 8:21 PM, Jun 12, 2012

NewsChannel 3 has obtained court documents that reveal the teenage girl Portsmouth Police said a school administrator propositioned for sex was also the victim of another Portsmouth teacher convicted for his sexual relationship with her.

In November 2011, Portsmouth cops arrested math teacher Marc Allmond for a 2009 fondling incident with a then 14-year-old female student.  Court documents say the same month Allmond was arrested, school administrator Kevin Brown began propositioning the same girl for sex.  Police say between November 2011 and April 2012, Brown tried to convince the now 16-year-old girl to have sex with him.

“Her world has been totally turned upside down,” said child psychologist Dr. Rick Ellis. Ellis has not treated the girl at the center of these criminal investigations.

“Teachers and school administrators are supposed to be our number one after our parents, people that we can count on, people that we can go to in life,” said Ellis.  “Those people that she was supposed to be able to count on and go to have let her down completely.”

“According to court papers, Allmond confessed to kissing and fondling the girl in 2009.  He pleaded guilty and a Portsmouth judge sentenced him to house arrest in March.  Allmond told detectives “I didn't make her do anything."

“It's against the law. It's a crime. It doesn't matter who starts it,” Ellis said.

In Brown’s case, police say they conducted a month-long investigation with the girl's cooperation.

Authorities say that information led to the Clarke Academy administrator's arrest last week.

Dr. Ellis says no matter the outcome in Brown's case, he hopes the girl's parents are helping her seek therapy.  Most of all, Ellis says, the girl shouldn't be ashamed of speaking up.

“It takes courage to stand up and say what's right and tell the truth,” said Ellis.  “More kids need to do it and that will protect other kids down the road.”

Kevin Brown is in the process of hiring an attorney.  He remains free on $10,000 bond.

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