Women identify Norfolk Sailors as suspects in armed robbery

Posted at 7:37 PM, Jul 09, 2012
and last updated 2012-07-10 12:48:21-04

A woman who said she was robbed at gunpoint told NewsChannel 3 she had no idea many of the suspects would be Norfolk based Sailors.

"You signed up to the Navy to protect our country, not hurt our country," the woman told NewsChannel 3 exclusively after a preliminary hearing for USS Stout Sailors Duane Milner and Tracy Greem along with USS Ramage Sailor Yakeem Piggot and Virginia Beach cashier Quasheta Gordy.  The four are charged with robbing two women in a matter of hours at two different Norfolk motels in May.

The victim testified that one of the men contacted her after seeing her ad for massages on the website

"So you weren't advertising for sex?" asked NewsChannel 3 Investigator Jessica Larche.  

"I'm a nurse by trade, so I was advertising basically massages," she said.  "That's it!  That's it."

The woman said the man agreed to meet her at her motel room at the Motel 6 on Military Highway.  She testified that Milner knocked at her door, came inside, and asked if she had a pimp.  Then, she said, Milner showed her a gun and let several more people in the room.  Soon after, she said the group stole her money, radio and Jordan sneakers.  

"They shouldn't have took my shoes!" she said.  "They could have took anything else in the room, but don't take my shoes!"

The woman said the group made her take off all her clothes before locking her in the bathroom.  Another woman, who testified that she also advertises massages on, said the same thing happened to her at the Days Inn down the street.

"Regardless of what someone is doing up there, nobody deserves to be robbed, nobody deserves to be tormented, nobody deserves to be locked in a bathroom, nobody deserves to be scared for their life," said the first victim.

The Sailors' attorneys told NewsChannel 3 their clients are innocent.

The case has been certified to a grand jury.  Gordy and Green remain in jail without bond.  Milner and Piggot are free on bond and are still active duty military.