Woman arrested for using SUV to drag husband down I-664

Posted at 8:03 PM, Jul 30, 2012
and last updated 2012-09-10 13:13:22-04

Newport News, Va. – Virginia State Police have arrested the woman they say used an SUV to drag her husband on I-664 back in July.

According to State Police, 40-year-old Lavetta Renne Graham was arrested today by a state trooper and was served felony warrants for failure to stop at an accident and malicious wounding.

It happened on July 25.

Virginia State Police told NewsChannel 3 they also recovered the Chevy Envoy they believe Lavetta Graham used in a hit-and-run targeting her husband.


Man says wife tried to kill him during hit and run

Police: Wife hits husband, drags him along Interstate 664

“It was just a blank stare like I’m going to kill this guy,” Derrick Graham exclusively told NewsChannel 3 days after the hit and run. “Our eyes were locked and I told her slow down, slow down. She had no remorse. None.”

Derrick says Wednesday afternoon, he testified against his estranged wife at Newport News Juvenile Domestic Court during a preliminary hearing.  In May of this year, she admitted to stabbing Derrick with scissors.

“She didn’t see her husband, she didn’t see her son’s father,” said Derrick.  “She basically stabbed me like I was somebody trying to harm her.”

Derrick says when they left court to go their separate ways, Lavetta got behind the wheel of his car. She still had a key.

“She automatically got in the car and revved it up,” said Derrick, who said he then stood in front of the SUV hoping to stop Lavetta.

“So before I could even turn around, I heard the car revving,” he said.  “It was either jump on the truck or get hit.”

Derrick says he jumped on the truck, clung to the hood, and prayed Lavetta would stop.

“The whole thing was just trying to hold on because she was swerving left and right,” he said. “I kept trying to tell her to slow down.  She was speeding up and by the time we got up to the 664 ramp, that’s all I remember. I was on top, and I woke up in here.”

Other than some cuts and bruises, Derrick is expected to make a full recovery.
As for his marriage, he says he’ll be filing for divorce when he’s released from the hospital.

“I felt shocked due to her and I being married for such a long time and for it to result to something like that,” he said of their 12-year marriage.