Police search for man who may have information about missing woman

Posted at 7:16 PM, Sep 19, 2012
and last updated 2012-09-19 19:16:50-04

Missing posters for Kathleen Haley and her dog surround her downtown Newport News neighborhood.

Concern for her safety is growing after court documents reveal police found what could be blood and missing items in her West Avenue apartment.

Kathleen's sister and brother-in-law told police they saw the stains in Kathleen's apartment after she went missing.


Newport News police looking for man spotted near missing woman’s apartment

September 8th search warrants for the apartment revealed detectives found "what appeared to be blood on the bedroom wall" and "dried blood on some clothing."

Documents also say a "section of carpet was missing from the bedroom" and so was Kathleen's entire bed and computer.

It also says "cleaning supplies were located in the bathroom along with several pairs of rubber gloves."

Documents say detectives also found mattresses with brown stains on them.

Search warrants also say one of Kathleen's neighbors saw a man going in and out of her apartment on September 4th using a key.

The witness told police the man seemed to be "carrying a bundle to the dumpster, possibly bedding.”

Police released a sketch of a man they believe may be connected to Kathleen's disappearance. The family says he doesn't look familiar. But they hope he comes forward with some information.

The family says they last heard from Kathleen on September first.  They pray she’s alive to hear their message, but each day that passes without hearing her voice leaves them with less hope