Former Virginia Beach SEAL appears in ad blasting Obama Administration

Posted at 10:08 PM, Oct 04, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-05 06:46:16-04

Virginia Beach, Va. - In a 30 second television advertisement released Thursday morning, former Virginia Beach Navy SEAL Scott Taylor and his non-partisan group OPSEC take President Obama to task over national security leaks surrounding local Navy SEALs' role in the deadly Osama bin Laden raid and recent terrorist attacks in Libya.

"President Obama wanted credit after our military killed bin Laden," Taylor says in the ad.  "Highly classified secrets were leaked endangering real heroes and their families, but when terrorists killed SEALs and diplomats in Libya, this administration doesn't tell the truth about what happens."

"There is nothing acceptable about playing politics with national security and American lives," Taylor continues in the ad.  "Aren't some things more important than politics?"

Taylor told NewsChannel 3 his organization of former CIA and special forces fear details divulged about special operations missions are putting heroes lives in jeopardy.

He said that is why they've chosen to run these ads throughout the Commonwealth at the height of the election season. 

While Taylor has run for office as a Republican in the past, he says OPSEC as an organization doesn't lean left or right, but straight at threats to national security no matter what party has control of the White House.

"Our goal is to educate the public on how this is wrong and hopefully deter politicians of either party from using these actions to be able to advance their re-election efforts," said Taylor.

"Even within our group, we have people who still support Obama.  They don't agree with the message, but they still support President Obama.  Most of them don't, and that's fine, but this specific commercial is hitting at the current administration because they're the ones who have done this."