Fugitive car salesman turns himself in after WTKR investigation

Posted at 8:23 PM, Nov 30, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-30 20:23:46-05

A fugitive car salesman has turned himself into police after a NewsChannel 3 investigation.

Frank Masika, who had been considered a fugitive after missing two trials in York County and Newport News this year, turned himself into Hampton police on November 9, two weeks after the investigation aired.

"You put the pressure on him," said Sabrina Furman, who initially contacted NewsChannel 3 about Masika's dealings.  "Thank you."

Furman said Masika convinced her to sign over a $38,000 loan for her dream Lexus.  However, she said Masika kept the money for himself.  Court records obtained by NewsChannel 3 show a Hampton judge ordered Masika to pay Furman $15,000 or return the car. She does not have either one.

"It has been a nightmare not knowing where the car is, not having the registration for it," said Furman.  "The only thing I have is a car payment every month."

Virginia DMV investigators say Masika also falsely represented himself as a dealer on Craigslist. They say he advertised 36 cars he was not authorized to sell.

Court records show that in October, he did not show up for a Newport News trial on the Craigslist charges.  More documents show he also did not show up for trial in York County on identity theft charges.

NewsChannel 3's check of a Frank Masika Facebook page suggests he has been traveling the country while on fugitive status.  NewsChannel 3 also saw several cars and trucks for sale on the Facebook page.  Searches of Masika's name and calls to Texas dealerships indicate he was in the Dallas area.

"I figured if he was anywhere, if he was doing anything, he was selling cars," said Furman.

Masika denied NewsChannel 3's request for an interview from jail.  However, a Facebook post from Masika's page on read, in part, "I missed court because I broke my leg."

He was found not guilty/acquitted for obtaining money under false pretenses, but was found guilty of vehicle dealer distribution without a license and was sentenced to four months behind bars.


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