Newport News clerk convicted of stealing lottery money from loyal customer

Posted at 7:00 PM, Feb 05, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-06 11:21:12-05

Newport News, Va. - Jack Lavoie's wish to get the lottery winnings he said a store clerk stole from him in March 2012 has finally come true.

Lavoie told NewsChannel 3 that store clerk Susan Perez paid him back hundreds of dollars after she pleaded guilty to stealing a big chunk of Lavoie's winnings.

“This Shell station stole my money from my lottery ticket!" Lavoie said in November 2012 while waiting for the case to go to trial.

Lavoie played the lottery at the Ivy Farms Road Shell station in Newport News every day for nearly ten years.

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“I mean it was like they were very good friends,” he said.

In March 2012, Lavoie's lucky numbers lined up for a $600 prize, but Perez told him his numbers hit for $40. Perez admitted in court last month that she pocketed the difference of $560.

“You stole it,” said Lavoie. “You stole from a friend!"

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Court documents reveal that in addition to paying restitution, a judge banned Perez from selling lottery tickets in the Commonwealth ever again.

While Lavoie said he's happy he got his cash, he said this whole ordeal is about broken trust.  He said he didn't sign the back of his lottery ticket that day because he saw the clerks as family.  He said he even helped console them when someone robbed them a few years back, so he never dreamed one of them would take advantage of his trust.

“They were really upset that someone came in and stole their money,” he said.  “Now how does it feel that you stole mine?”