Police say ‘dumbest criminals’ episode plays out in police headquarters parking lot

Posted at 11:32 AM, Mar 25, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-25 20:22:02-04

Newport News, Va. - Troy Rahman Terry and Tazaun Marquis Dorsett are accused of committing a crime last week in Newport News that police are calling "an episode of the dumbest criminals."

Last week, a detective was sitting in an unmarked car in the police headquarters parking lot waiting on another detective when he saw two men approach an SUV that was parked right next to him in the same lot.

One of the men went to the driver's side and opened the fuel door to remove a bag of what appeared to be illegal narcotics police say.

The men then got into the car and tried to leave the lot until they were stopped by police.

The detective found a plastic bag which contained several individually wrapped bags of suspected marijuana according to police. Police say they believe the value of the suspected drugs was around $270 which was in the vehicle's glove box.

Both Terry and Dorsett have been charged with possession with intent to distribute.

"Every time you tell the story to someone they just find it to be extremely funny," said Newport News police spokesman Holly McPherson.  "Especially when you're in police headquarters parking lot, maybe you shouldn't be conducting criminal activity there."