‘The day I reported her to the school, she was in my house having sex with my son’

Posted at 11:00 PM, Apr 09, 2013
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Virginia Beach, Va. - The mother of the 15-year-old boy at the center of the Patience Perez sex scandal is speaking out only to NewsChannel 3.

"She preyed on my baby," said the mother, whose name NewsChannel 3 has chosen to withhold. "Why my son? Why?"

Police said the 22-year-old and the boy met while Perez was working as an assistant security guard at Renaissance Academy in Virginia Beach.

By March, Perez was charged for having sex with the teenage boy and using him to plot her husband's murder.

"She pulled him in by saying her husband was abusing her," the mother said.  "She preyed on my son's compassion."

The mother said the affair began to unravel early last month after she caught Perez in her driveway.

"I said who is this in front of my house? And he said ma' that's my friend.  She's getting ready to take me to school," she said.  "I knocked on her car window.  I said who are you? She was like, I'm such and such.  I go to school with [your son].

"She showed me her license and I took a mental picture of her name and her birthday," the mother said.  "And then bells and whistles started going off."

The mother said she let her son leave with Perez, thinking she was an older student at Renaissance. The school does cater to students with behavior problems or academic challenges.  However, later that same day, the mother said the school called to say her son was getting expelled because he showed up to school high on drugs.

"It came out that he was under the influence of marijuana," the mother said.

The mother said she started digging through her son's cell phone.

"That's when we discovered naked pictures, and the first picture I hit, it was her!" the mother said.

The mother also found Facebook messages between her son and Perez.  Court documents said the messages discussed Perez's plans to have her husband killed.

"I'm going through everything like what is this? What the hell is this?" the mother said.

"The school called to check on him, and I told them it's a 22-year-old lusting after my son. Her name is such and such.  I mispronounced the name. The counselor corrected me on the name.  She said,  'Oh my God! She doesn't go here, she works here,'" recalled the mother. "The day I reported her to the school, she was in my house having sex with my son."

Beach police arrested Perez  and charged her with indecent liberties for the sexual relationship.  Perez was fired from Renaissance Academy, too. The mother also believes Perez tried to confront her son after the charges came down.

"The next day when she was fired and they arrested her and she bonded out, I get a call to come get my son and bring him down to the station for an interview, and when I turned on my street, she's just leaving my house!" the mother said.

Days later, Perez was arrested again, this time by Norfolk police.  Court records say Perez admitted to sleeping with the boy and smoking marijuana with him in her Norfolk home.  Norfolk police also charged her with solicitation and conspiracy to commit murder.  During her Norfolk bond hearing, prosecutors said Perez and the boy talked about a hit man and how to make it look like an accident.

"She preyed on my baby, and he already had issues," said the mother. "It's got to stop, and it's going to stop with him."

While court records say the affair lasted about a month, the boy's mother believes it went on longer.

"He keeps asking, 'How am I a victim, ma?'" the mother said.  "He doesn't understand that he has been victimized, and for the last month and a half I've been trying to convince my son that you have been victimized."

The boy's mother said he's been treated for serious bouts of depression, and she believes that made him an easy target.  She said that Perez, as an adult and authority figure, should have known better.

The mother said she wanted to speak out to encourage parents to keep a close eye on their kids. She also said she does not want what happened to get swept under the rug.

"I need for her to feel my pain," the mother said.  "I need her to do some time, because she wasn't thinking about her children when she was preying on my son."

"I want her prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!" she said.

The teen's mother said her son has not been charged with anything related to the murder plot.  Perez's attorney said neither Patience nor her husband will be making any comments about the case.  He also said  he does not believe Perez went to see the boy after her Virginia Beach arrest.  Perez is out on bond and will be back in court for preliminary hearings in Virginia Beach and Norfolk next month.

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