Drivers hoping I-264 east concrete replacement project leads to smoother ride

Posted at 7:01 PM, May 13, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-13 22:29:28-04

Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Va. - The bumpy drive on I-264 east from Broad Creek in Norfolk to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront takes about 20 minutes.

But VDOT says it`ll take nearly two years and millions of dollars to finish concrete replacement projects along that stretch of interstate.

Dave Conner`s counting on a smoother ride.  He says debris from pothole patches took a pricey toll on his windshields.

He has plenty of company when it comes to pothole problems.

Just ask anyone whose car fell into the craters on I-264 a few months ago.

VDOT says they`re about halfway done with a concrete replacement project on 264 east between Broad Creek and Claiborne.

Expect that 3.3 million dollar project to be done by July 2015.

VDOT says they`re also halfway done with the 3.8 million dollar concrete replacement between Witchduck and Lynnhaven.

Crews just started work on the 3.7 million dollar concrete replacement project from Lynnhaven to the Oceanfront this weekend.  They estimate both projects will be done by August 2014.

Sherie Rundle lives at the Oceanfront now.  She`s crossing her fingers that VDOT`s concrete replacement will lead to the smoother ride she knew back home.

“These roads are horrible compared to the full asphalt in Oregon,” says Rundle.  “We have beautiful roads in Oregon so it was quite a change coming on the roads here. I was like wow!”