Letters reveal struggles for caged Gloucester girl

Posted at 4:56 PM, Jun 12, 2013

NewsChannel 3 is learning just how difficult life is for the Gloucester girl who Brian and Shannon Gore locked in a cage and starved nearly to death.

In the victim impact statement written by the girl's new adoptive parents, they say she "often cries thinking that she isn't going to eat another meal."  They also say "she asks repeatedly when we will eat again and if she will be allowed to have any" and she has to be watched carefully when she eats for she eats so fast that she has choked."

Brian and Shannon Gore, the girl's biological parents, were sentenced to 30 years in prison for their treatment of the girl.  Authorities found the girl inside the Gores home, trapped in a makeshift cage in April 2011.  The girl was literally skin and bones, and had resulted to eating her own hair, flakes of her skin, and feces to survive.  Another couple adopted her not long after police rescued her.

Watch Barbara, Bianca and Jessica get emotional talking about the details you'll see only on NewsChannel 3.  Check back with for new details from the letters at 5 and 6.