Norfolk tax workers finally get paychecks

Posted at 6:45 PM, Jun 17, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-17 18:45:26-04

Norfolk, Va. – More than a dozen people who worked for two Norfolk Liberty Taxes franchises got their paychecks after weeks of red tape.

NewsChannel 3 took action for Lyn Sanders, Renee Garrison and 10 other employees of the franchise locations previously owned by Kevin Williams, Sr.

"It's a sense of relief," Sanders said Monday.

"I'm just glad Channel 3 stepped in to help us resolve this quickly," Garrison said.

Around Mother’s Day, they say Liberty Taxes franchisee Kevin Williams bailed on the business.

“He’s indebted to a number of people,” said Liberty Taxes COO Rufe Vanderpool.  “He just basically went out of business and when he did, he just left and abandoned the stores.  Abandoned his employees.”

However, when the women tried to get answers from corporate managers when they stopped getting paid in mid April, they said corporate leaders essentially told them “tough luck” because Williams’ employees are not employed through the corporation.

Days after NewsChannel 3 took action and confronted corporate leaders, Vanderpool said they decided to take over Williams’ franchises and pay the workers.

They lived up to that promise last week.

"I want to thank him for stepping up and following through as he said," said Garrison.  "I really believe that if Channel 3 wouldn't have been involved,  probably next year [before we would have received the checks]"


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