Sailor supports wife who allegedly plotted with teen lover to kill him

Posted at 1:07 PM, Jun 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-21 12:23:31-04

Norfolk, Va. - A Norfolk man is standing by his wife's side as she faces charges for plotting to kill him with her 15-year-old lover.

Gilbert Perez supported his wife Patience Perez during a Norfolk court hearing Thursday morning.  24-year-old Patience Perez, a former school security guard for Renaissance Academy in Virginia Beach, is charged with sleeping with a student.

Court records obtained by NewsChannel 3 say she admitted to sleeping with the boy at his home in Virginia Beach, and several times at her home in Norfolk.  Records also say the boy and Patience Perez exchanged Facebook messages discussing a murder plot.

"How could you stand by someone that wanted you dead?" said the boy's mother.  "I don't understand that."

The boy's mother spoke exclusively with NewsChannel 3 after the hearing was continued because prosecutors have not had enough time to go through thousands of pages of Facebook records.  The  mother said the delays in Norfolk courts are weighing on her son.

"He doesn't want to deal with this anymore," she said.  "It's tearing him apart."

"She took advantage of teenage boy that had depression issues, anger issues," she said.

The boy's mother said Patience Perez told her son she was being abused by her husband, leading her to believe that's how the boy got wrapped into discussions about murder.

"You could have sought out somebody your own age," she said.  "Why lean on a 15-year-old for comfort?"

"[Patience Perez] put him in the position of a man," the mother said.  "How does he get his teenage years back? They're gone"

The Norfolk preliminary hearing has been continued to August 28, 2013. The Virginia Beach trial is scheduled for October 2013.

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