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Afro Dogs of Hampton Roads to give away school supplies this weekend

Posted at 6:43 PM, Aug 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-20 18:43:14-04

Portsmouth, Va. - This weekend, a group is taking action to make sure kids have what they need to go back to school this fall.

They have names like Big T, Angel Ash, Slim Goodee and Quiet Storm. They and a few others make up the Afro Dogs of Hampton Roads.

"It started out as a black power movement in the 1970s", says the group's president Frank Jackson who goes by the name "Bomb Squad."

Now the chapter that meets in Portsmouth focuses on community service. "It's important because it helps us fulfill our Afro Dog mission which dogs stands for, doing only good service", says Gloria Kelly whose biker name is "Black Beauty."

On Saturday, they're holding their annual event giving away back-to-school supplies.

They stress the group is not a motorcycle gang and that the Afro Dogs represent a variety of professions including law enforcement and the military with a passion for helping others.

"They see us with the chains and the garb, and bandannas and things like that. If they were to see us in regular clothes, they wouldn't recognize who we were,"  Jackson points out.

In addition to the upcoming back-to-school event, they also hand out scholarships, plus they also do volunteer work with senior citizens. That's why we presented the Afro Dogs with a People Taking Action Award along with a $100 Visa gift card from our community partner Southern Bank.

Saturday's back-to-school event is at Bayside Harley Davidson at 2211 Frederick Blvd in Portsmouth from noon until school supplies are gone.