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Here’s the Good News: NewsChannel 3 buys books for two NSU students

Posted at 7:29 PM, Sep 03, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-03 19:29:46-04

Portsmouth, Va. - Two Portsmouth teenagers who weren't sure they were college bound are now enrolled in a local university. Now they're thanking their principal and NewsChannel 3.

William Bagwell and Ryan Norman are in their first semester at Norfolk State University.

Earlier this year, NewsChannel 3 surprised their high school principal, Timothy E. Johnson, with a People Taking Action Award.

Back in January, they were at Wilson High School when they sent us an email saying they wanted to nominate Johnson because they say he opened their eyes to have hope.

The principal got William and Ryan jobs in the school office and started mentoring the two who initially didn't think they would even go to college.

The two students still use the wisdom they learned from their principal as they encounter struggles on their new journey.

They say Johnson still checks to make sure they are doing well in school and he is still serving as a mentor for them.

NewsChannel 3 also wanted to invest in these two college freshman.

Ryan had already purchased some of his books, but he still had a few more to get. His total bill came to about $540. NewsChannel 3 pitched in to help. We gave him $500 to help cover his books this semester.

But we were not done yet! We also kicked in another $500 to help William with his books. His total came to $896.

Both students said they were extremely thankful for the help.


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