Former VB school worker to admit sleeping with teen in two cities

Posted at 6:08 PM, Oct 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-10 18:51:15-04

Virginia Beach, Va. - A former Virginia Beach school employee charged with sleeping with a 15-year-old student will plead guilty to those charges in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, court records and sources tell NewsChannel 3.

Patience Perez was arrested in Virginia Beach and Norfolk in March on indecent liberties charges.  According to court records obtained by NewsChannel 3, Perez began a sexual relationship with the Renaissance Academy student while she worked there as an assistant security guard. Records said the two had sex at his home in Virginia Beach and her home in Norfolk.

At one point, Norfolk authorities charged Perez with soliciting murder after they said she asked the boy to help her kill her husband.  Norfolk prosecutors later dropped those charges.

Beach prosecutors said they expect Perez to plead guilty to indecent liberties in their city during a court hearing early next year. A source close to the case in Norfolk confirmed that prosecutors expect her to plead guilty to the same charge in that city.

"She finally gained a conscience. That was my reaction," said the boy's mother.  "You did it, you confessed to it. Why wouldn't you plead guilty?"

The boy's mother, who has spoken exclusively to NewsChannel 3 throughout the ordeal, said she fears her son will be dealing with the fallout of the crime for years to come.

"He just wants it over," she said.  "He wants her to feel his pain."

Perez faces up to five years in prison.  The boy's mother said she wants tough penalties for Perez.

"As long as she's a registered sex offender, that's time in and of itself," the mother said.  "I want the world to know that she is a predator so this won't happen to another child."


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