Scam artists steal ID of teen who died in car crash

Posted at 12:10 AM, Nov 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-08 23:39:46-05

A Virginia Beach teen died in a car crash only to have criminals pounce on his personal information.

Eighteen-year-old Greg Welch had his entire life ahead of him, but that sadly ended on Shore Drive on Valentine's Day.

Greg was the passenger in his friend's car.

“The car was being driven way too fast,” says his mother. It went off the side of the road and hit three trees and Greg was killed instantly. I mean he died of massive head injuries.”

“He died with his eyes open. It was a horrifying sight,” his dad says.

As if that horror wasn't enough to deal with, scam artists found a way to twist the knife.

“I have trouble putting into words how sick it makes you feel. It is as if you're being kicked. No, it's as if Greg was being kicked and here you have this person that you're mourning so deeply and missing so much, to have someone disrespect his name, that was the hardest part for me,” she says.

Tonight at 11, we'll reveal how Greg's parents discovered his identity had been stolen and what the con artists did with his information.

It's a story every parent needs to see.