Local retired SEAL exposes imposter

Posted at 6:10 PM, Jan 03, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-03 18:10:29-05

A proven Hampton Roads Navy SEAL took action to expose a man who posed as a commando and used the scheme to dupe people across the globe.

A. J. Dicken did not serve a day in the military, but claimed he was the most decorated Navy SEAL in history.

"He was not who he said he was," said Don Shipley, a former Navy SEAL who has exposed several other fake Navy SEALs in the past.

Dicken ran a military-style training facility in Nevada, and tricked doctors and fellow service members into investing nearly a million dollars in an African aid mission to build hospitals and schools.

"He duped 16 African nations in to believing him," said Shipley.  "He actually got those $300 million contracts based on those SEAL credentials."

"He would make up these documents, fake DD214's and just glamorize himself and it looks legit until you start checking the spelling," said Shipley, who showed NewsChannel 3 Dicken's fake service record with misspelled military installations.

Inside Edition confronted Dickenlast year in Arkansas.

"Why do you tell people you're a Navy SEAL when you're not?" asked Inside Edition Reporter Lisa Guerrero.

Dicken replied, "I'm not."

Records show Dicken has done time for burglary and forgery.

He is not behind bars for schemes related to his fake Navy SEAL claims.

"They'll get him," said Shipley.  "It just takes time."