Team Coverage: History of training-related accidents in Hampton Roads

Posted at 7:28 PM, Jan 09, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-09 19:28:59-05

Hampton Roads has been the site of or had ties to several training-related accidents in recent years.

The April 2012 jet crash is not far removed from the hearts and minds of those in Hampton Roads.

Two Navy pilots on a training mission ejected from the jet. Moments later, it came crashing into Mayfair Mews Apartments.

In what's now referred to as the "Good Friday Miracle," no one was killed.

But two Little Creek sailors died in a February 2013dive training accident.

Navy Diver First Class James Reyher and Navy Diver Second Class Ryan Harris went underwater for a training dive but didn't come back up alive.

Their deaths happened at the Super Pond at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.

The team was preparing for an upcoming deployment.

The training scenario included locating a helicopter sunk at 150 feet.

Two months later in April 2013, SEAL Team Six member Brett Shadle died during a parachute training accident.

It happened at a training facility near Tucson, Arizona. Another SEAL was injured.

In May 2013, two elite FBI agents were killed in a training accident in Virginia Beach.

According to sources, the agents fell to their deaths from a helicopter while "fast roping."

From a hovering helicopter, they slid down ropes like a firefighter slides down a pole.

Months later in August 2013, a pilot had to be rescued off the Eastern Shore after two jets collided in a training mission.

The D.C. Air National Guard said two of its F-16 Falcon jets clipped wings.

And with this latest helicopter crash, Hampton Roads' heartstrings are pulled yet again.


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