Gov. McAuliffe: Midtown/Downtown Tunnel tolls ‘too high’

Posted at 10:24 PM, Jan 13, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-13 23:35:32-05

“The tolls are too high.” Those words came from Virginia's new governor, Terry McAuliffe in his State of the Commonwealth speech on Monday.

He wants changes and that wasn't the only breaking news he had for Hampton Roads!

“Let me say one thing about tolls and specifically tolls affecting the citizens who must cross the Elizabeth River to get from Norfolk to Portsmouth...” said McAuliffe.

For the folks who regularly use the Downtown and Midtown Tunnels, what came next out of the governor's mouth must be very encouraging.

“But in cases where tolling is necessary, we must ensure they are fair and equitable and make sense from a business point of view. Tolls on the Midtown Tunnel Project don't meet that test,” says Gov. McAuliffe.

“They are too high and put too much of a burden on commuters who have to use that route to get to work and home each and every day,” says McAuliffe.

On McAuliffe’s first full day on the job, he already has his secretary of transportation, Aubrey Lane, hard at work.

The governor has directed Secretary Lane to revise the tolling rate schedule and present it in detail to the board this Wednesday.

During his speech, McAuliffe also presented more news for the Hampton Roads area. He announced that the Carnival Cruise line will come back to the state in the spring and fall of 2015.

He said he worked closely with Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim on this project.


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