Ragin Murder Trial: Maintenance worker recalls seeing body of slain 6-year-old boy

Posted at 6:53 PM, Mar 17, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-18 06:24:10-04

One maintenance worker made a shocking discovery that launched a quadruple homicide investigation.

“When I looked in the back, it looked like I seen a body, like a dead, like a dead little boy,” says John Kennedy.

Kennedy saw the lifeless body of six-year-old Rashid Ragin.  He’d been stabbed 27 times.  A white blanket covered his 42-pound body.

“Does he look like he's been there for a while?” dispatchers asked him during the 911 call.

“Yea. I peeked through the window and I could tell it was all fog and smoke,” Kennedy responded.

The worker went to the Ragin home to check out reports of a fire.  He testified that he peered through a cracked door in the back of the apartment and saw little Rashid.

Police would also find the stabbed bodies of 11-year-old La’kwan, 15-year-old Sierra and their mother Crystal Ragin.

Today began the second week of testimony in her husband John Ragin’s capital murder trial.

The main crime scene investigator said today she spent eight days collecting evidence from blood soaked walls, blankets, pillows and more from the apartment.

Ragin is often smiling in court or taking notes.  Today, he also appeared to cry every now and then as the pictures of the dead bodies were shown in court.

NewsChannel 3 was the first to have the haunting 911 call of Crystal and John arguing the day before the bodies were found.

Police couldn’t find the order against john and let him go.  The next day, the family was found dead.  Authorities arrested john in South Carolina where they found him with the young son he and crystal shared.

Now his life could be on the line.  He faces the death penalty if convicted of capital murder.


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