Virginia Beach residents angered by early-morning reverse 911 call

Posted at 9:35 AM, Apr 17, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-18 06:30:04-04

Virginia Beach, Va. - Many Virginia Beach residents have emailed and taken to social media to complain about the early-morning reverse-911 call they received alerting them that Sandbridge Road had reopened after a deadly accident.

One dead, eight hurt in multi-vehicle crash in Sandbridge

Virginia Beach police say they do not know at this time why the message, which was intended for only a small portion of the city, reached so many people.

Click to listen: 911 Notification Va Beach

Some of the emails we have received:

This morning I received a robo call from VA Beach Police. At around 2:30am this morning I received an automated computer generated phone call informing me that the 500 block of Sandbridge road was reopened approximately at 2:06am. I could care less if a road has been reopened and DEFINATELY at 2:30am could REALLY care less.

Now if there is a tsunami, nuclear reactor meltdown or we are under attack from Godzilla, okay.... CALL ME. But to call at 2:30am informing me that a road has been reopened? C'mon. - Donald Olverson

Received call this morning @ 2:39 AM from city number 757-385-3111. When picked up (after being woken up), no one was on phone.