Report: Teen texted a farewell to family as tornado that killed him approached

Posted at 8:14 AM, May 05, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-05 09:11:29-04

Vilonia, AR – Some of the April 27 tornado victims may have never had the chance to say goodbye. One young man, however, had the chance to send one final message to his mother, according to a report from KNWA. 

“First he said mama, I’m so scared,” said Regina Wood, Jeffrey Hunter’s mom.

All Wood could think to do was tell her son Jeffrey Hunter he would be okay, the report said.

“He knew how bad it was, these say it’s going to be a direct hit,” said Wood.

From her home in Beebe 20 miles away from her son in Vilonia, Regina could only update Jeffrey through text on where the EF-4 tornado was headed.

It was headed straight for him and he knew it, telling his mom goodbye.

“I have a text on my phone as the tornado was hitting “Goodbye mama,” says Wood.

KNWA reports that minutes later, a few homes down from Jeffrey on Clover Ridge Dr., Lyman Watkins had to crawl out from the closet he, his wife and five dogs were sheltering in.