Patients testify against Chesapeake dentist

Posted at 7:19 PM, May 09, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-09 19:37:56-04

Chesapeake, Va. - Embattled dentist Derrick Broadaway faced the state board of dentistry on Friday afternoon.

The board suspended Broadaway`s license last month based on 11 complaints from eight different patients including Lamarr Price.

“Every day I would wake up, there was puss in my mouth,” said Price.

Price first talked to NewsChannel 3 in 2012 about a botched root canal from Broadaway that led to an ongoing infection.

“It’s still the same nightmare that it was the day I walked into his office,” says Price.

Just a few of the records behind Broadaway`s current suspension say he caused "gingival inflammation and the possibility of recurrent decay" in one patient.

Another patient complained of pain from Broadaway's procedure. Broadaway failed to refer the patient to an oral surgeon.

Another dentist diagnosed the patient with an ongoing infection.

He's also accused of telling a patient that a tooth was cracked and required fixing, but x-rays showed there was nothing wrong.

Virginia Beach dentist Dina Pearl testified about bad work she discovered from a former Broadaway patient.

“The margin was open all the way around the tooth,” says Pearl.

Broadaway - representing himself - tried to fight back at every turn.

NewsChannel 3 first started looking into Broadaway in 2012.

He'd just come off a 60-day suspension for other bad dental work.

Former patients were puzzled by the Board of Dentistry's decision to allow his practice to remain open.

We took those questions to the Board of Dentistry's executive director in 2013.

No one from the board will talk about what happened in today`s hearing.

Price says he prays they take serious action before something even more serious than an ongoing infection happens to one of his patients.