10-year-old pulls off big and emotional surprise for Mom

Posted at 3:52 PM, May 13, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-13 18:49:49-04

It seemed like a regular day at Strike Fighter Squadron VFA-131. Normal activities on the flight line and in the hangar at Naval Air Station Oceana.

But a surprise was about to unfold involving a special volunteer, thanks to the squadron's commanding officer Matt Barker.

"It amazes me because she's a mom. She supports her husband who's at work all the time and she's doing this ombudsman job as well. I don't know how she does it. It's amazing."

He's talking about Desiree Jones, who was told she had a meeting with the commanding officer, but it was all so her 10-year-old daughter could tell her just what she thinks of her.

"I am nominating my mom for NewsChannel 3 People Taking Action. My dad is in the military and sometimes when he is deployed, she becomes the man of the house. She makes sure we're safe and sound. We have two pets, Crimson the dog and Boomer the evil cat. She makes sure they have enough food and water for them to eat and drink. I love her and my family loves her. She is the foundation that holds this family together. I appreciate her and I would like to be just like her when I grow up."

"I didn't think she thought that of me," said Jones.

Mom was at a loss for words after hearing Kylie's email.

Because of that email, we present Desiree with a NewsChannel 3 People Taking Action award along with a $100 Visa gift card from our community partner Southern Bank.

Mom was stunned and shaking.

"I can't believe she did this. I just don't think, as a mom you don't think that you're doing so much. You just do it. You just do what you do and you don't question it. You just do everything you can to be a good mom.”