Teen victim in Virginia Beach sex scandal: ‘She really got in my head and made me think I was the only one’

Posted at 5:35 PM, Aug 26, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-27 06:41:14-04

The teen at the center of the Patience Perez sex scandal said he believed they were in a real relationship.

"She really got in my head and made me think I was the only one," the teen told NewsChannel 3.

Now, NewsChannel 3 has obtained the former Virginia Beach school worker's interview with detectives about her affair with the student after her 2013 arrest.

"He made me happy," "He would make me smile" and "I`ve always seen it as age is just a number" are just a few of the excerpts from her interview.

"She got in my head," said the teen.  "Nobody really knows how that feels until it happens to them."

The teen said Norfolk and Virginia Beach judges' decisions to delay Perez's sentencing until next year make it tough to move on.

"My emotions are everywhere." he said.  "I'm feeling confused, sad, angry."

He was in middle school at Renaissance Academy when Perez first approached him last year.  He was fifteen years old, and she was was an assistant security guard at the time and in the middle of what her interview suggested was a troubled marriage.  While her husband has been at her side for nearly all her court appearances, she told detectives "my husband wasn`t making me happy."

The detective asked if there was any "domestic violence stuff at home"  and Perez said "no, not really" and that she never involved the police.

Perez's interview suggested her unhappiness at home drew her to the teen.  She said he made her "happier than my husband would treat me" and that  "when I would see him in the morning, he, knew when I was having a bad day because I would be really, couldn't really, just sad and stuff and he would make me smile."

In her interview, Perez said she and the teen joked about killing her husband, explaining that "sometimes when I'm pissed off I, ya know, I sometimes wish that he would just die."

During their month-long affair, the married mother would routinely bring the teen to her home in Norfolk after school, or he would sneak out of his Virginia Beach home when his mother was asleep.

Perez's interview with detectives revealed the two did not use protection during their sexual encounters, and they would often smoke marijuana together.

They talked about "getting out Virginia" when the time was right.  She said "I kind of asked if he like wanted to be with me or whatever" and "we knew, you know, if like anything ever went any further, we would have to wait until he like became 18."

The teen said the relationship seemed like an escape from his battle with depression.

"I was depressed and suicidal," he said.

Perez knew that according to what she told police after her March 2013 arrest.

"From what I gathered, he`s of course a troubled kid," documents said.  "He`s also a good kid with a great personality and he has something going for him."

The teen said he's not perfect and has not made the best decisions since his relationship with Perez.  He is now 17, facing his own legal trouble and recently became a father.  The mother is three years older than him.  Facts like this about his life have been discussed during Perez's sentencing hearings, but he said that should have nothing to do with how she is punished.

"I just want to get all this over with," he said.

NewsChannel 3 reached out to Perez's team of lawyers, but have not received a response.  The teen's mother said she is anxious to take the stand, hoping to convince a judge to sentence Perez.